Mathias Auguste Choral Works (Remaster)

by The Julliard Ensemble

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PRESS RELEASE - December 11th, 2016:

The mere existence of The Julliard Ensemble has always been an emigma. For more than ten years, classical fans clashed with each other, sparking intense debates over one of classical music's most legendary groups. While those who claimed to have heard their only recording, "Mathias Auguste Choral Works", unanimously praised it as one of the greatest accomplishments of modern Western civilization, others fiercely contested their praise, citing the album's supposed vanishment from the Earth and questioning why those with such a legendary album in their possession would choose to keep it their own little secret instead of sharing its audio contents with the world.

Indeed, the three members of The Julliard Ensemble - formed on August 22nd, 2004, by Gustave Saunier, Mark Merrill, and Glenn Lacan - were always incredibly reclusive and mysterious shadows, both on the stage and in their personal lives. Yet, the three men from Holzgerlingen saw potential and a bright future in their project. Their personalities shine through on their sole recording from October 10th, 2004, a collection of eight distinct yet linked choral movements, "Mathias Auguste Choral Works". The recording is occasionally intense, occasionaly subdued, yet consistently inspiring throughout it's entire fourty-four minute-long run time. Saunier, Merrill, and Lacan captured all of the magic on their 4-track tape recorder. The recording was then dubbed onto a heavily limited edition of handmade CDs, most of which were donated to friends and family. However, a few copies were sold at the group's only live performance and their final appearance as a group - the December 24th, 2004 concert in Berlin. The three members split ways the same night.

While the few who claimed to have the CD in their possession may have likely been telling the truth, no images nor audio recordings have surfaced.

Until now.

The three members of The Julliard Ensemble have briefly reunited among themselves to extensively and graciously remaster their solo recording, straight from the master tapes themselves. The 2016 remaster removes all the dirt and muddiness left behind on the 4 track to restore a sense of clarity that has never been heard before. Additionally, The Julliard Ensemble have made the decision to finally release one of the lost treasures of classical music to the public - at no cost.

Some may be left wondering about the context, the origins, the purpose, and the meaning of both the recording and the band themselves. However, as of today, none of this matters. For now, I recommend you let the music speak for itself.

-Abelard Wise, close friend of Marc Merrill and de facto Julliard Ensemble Spokesman


released December 11, 2016


Gustave Saunier
Mark Merrill
Glenn Lacan

Led under the direction of David Mardy.

Originally recorded on October 10th, 2004.



all rights reserved


The Julliard Ensemble Holzgerlingen, Germany

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